Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The quiet days

Now that almost everyone has left, it seems as though Johannesburg is a bit quieter. The group stages are over so the majority of foreign fans have returned home and back to their jobs. Our group is down to 5 people, and will be just 4 people tomorrow when Andy leaves.

Ben, Ron, Bill, and I are passing the time until we fly to Cape Town early Saturday morning. We are staying at some apartments in Auckland Park, which is in west Johannesburg (we were previously in east Jozi). The accomodations are nice, but we prefer where we were. The lack of internet in the apartments and some poor management is not helping. And the area is a little different.

Nonetheless it is good to get a different feel of the city. Today we picked up Bill's Jabulani ball at the Bedfordview House where we had left a few things, and we took it back to Auckland Park where we played with a group of local guys on a nearby field. There were quite a few quality players out there, and if they had shoes on theyd probably be a little better. The game ended abruptly, however, when one of the locals accidentally kicked the Jabulani over an electric fence and into someone's backyard. We'll try and recover it tomorrow...

We are all about Joburg-ed out, and looking forward to next week and plenty of beach time!!

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  1. Hey guys! Missin the World Cup, but not really Joburg. I, too, reached my max at that place. You guys try the other NewsCafe? Keep up the posting, and have a great trip to the cape.