Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crisis Averted!

We found out on Monday that our flight from Ghana to South Africa was going to be delayed by 36 hours! That would have put Cammy, Bill, and I in the morning before the England USA game, and the rest of our group arriving after the first game. We all launched into action, and after 2 days of straight calling to Cheapoair and late night calls to South Africa's Air Namibia, we thought we were screwed with a 36 hour layover in Ghana and an increased chance of catching Yellow Fever.

However, Jawanda at Cheapoair saved the day! Now, instead of all of us being split up on different flights, 8 of the 12 of us are now on the same flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg. We also only have one connection as opposed to two and Jawanda made sure we didn't pay a penny more, even with all the changes. Needless to say, we were all very excited, and Bill, Colin, and I may even call back Air Namibia to tell them where they can put their plane ticket. Seriously, who just cancels all their future flights on Thursdays.

Mitch has now booked a flight to Cape Town with Cammy and I. We're hoping to hike Table Mountain and go to the Southern most point where there are penguins in Africa. We're also looking into going to Kruger Park, which is a drive through Safari essentially. There's even talk from some other members of the group about cage diving with Great Whites.

The trip is only 70 days away...