Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 9: Newtown and Melville

Today we woke up and explored some of the communities within JoBurg.  First up was Newton.

Newtown's a previously poor neighborhood filled with crime and poverty that was revamped recently into a turist area.  First things first, I paid off the parking attendent in a restricted lot to let us park there for the day.  Every parking experience here starts with a bribe. 

We started out at the Market Theater and went to eat at Nikki's Oasis while we watched the first half of the Netherlands v. Japan game.  After that, we made our way over to the flea market.  I picked up a Djembe which is something I wanted to pick up while over here.   Cammy also picked up some items.

We then headed to the Museum of Africa which was very interesting.  We learned about Ghandi's time in South Africa, Gay and Lesbian history in Johannesburg, townships, and 5 grade level geology from Showrock Holmes.  We also saw a crazy art exhibit with sculptures literally carved out of bones.  Very creepy, but fascinating.

Next we headed over to the World of Beer, present by South African Brewries.  We went on a 90 minute tour of corny awesomeness.  Apparently 5 minutes of lightning video is essential in the beer making process.  It was awesome though.  We learned about South African beers and that the South African Brewing company actually owns a lot of major brands of beer that we drink in the states.  At the end of the tour, we ended up getting a couple of free drinks.

That was the end of Newtown.  Andy and I then spent the next 45 minutes trying out how to make a 5 minute drive.  After finally arriving in Melville, we went to the restaurant suggested in Lonely Planet called Loft.  Really good food.  I ended up having Springbock wrapped in bacon with potato and veggies.  Delicious. 

Melville looked really nice, and had we been up to the task we probably would have gone out there.  However, we were all pretty tired and headed home.

- Ryan

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