Monday, May 31, 2010

10 Days Left...

In only 10 days, we will be touching down in South Africa for the 2010 World Cup.  With that, we're going to countdown the top 10 things we are looking forward to:

  1. June 12th, USA vs. England.  One of history's oldest rivalries on sport's grandest stage.  It'll be our first game of the World Cup.  A great kick off to the trip.
  2. Ivory Coast vs. Brazil: Quite possibly the game of the opening round and I will be there in attendance.
  3. Seeing the some of the top teams in the world live that everyone grows up watching: Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Ivory Coast, and England.
  4. Staying with our South African host family.
  5. Visiting Cape Town, climbing Table Mountain, reaching the Southern most tip of Africa where there are penguins, checking out a game reserve, and for some, but not us, Shark Diving.
  6. Hopefully, finding a pick up football game in South Africa with some of the natives.
  7. Trying some of the interesting food options, such as zebra steak.
  8. Marching in with American Outlaws/Sam's Army, and then standing and singing the whole game.
  9. Meeting people from all different countries at the Fan Fest in Johannesburg. 
  10. Watching the USA progress into the knockout round :::crossing fingers:::
Check back for photos as we update from South Africa starting June 10-11th!!!

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