Sunday, December 20, 2009

Invictus and more...

Colin, Cammy, Lyndi, and I saw Invictus on Friday. Great movie about the 1995 World Cup of Rugby in South Africa where Mandela rallied the country around their squad on their way to a championship. The most exciting part about watching the movie was seeing Ellis Park Stadium featured several times, and learning some of the history behind it before we will be there watching the USA take on Slovenia. ESPN gave a great run down about all of the stadiums in South Africa featured for the World Cup. Here's the one on Ellis Park:

Ellis Park

For more information on the other two venues the USA will be playing in, visit the two links below:

Lotus Versfeld Stadium

Royal Befaking Stadium

Finally, it looks like the USA has scheduled some more friendlies to warm up for the World Cup. First, Honduras in January and then Mexico in February. The tour will be capped off by the already scheduled game against the Netherlands in March. These games will hopefully give players like Jermaine Jones, Edgar Castillo, and some other fresh faces a god look before the cup run.

Happy Holidays.

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