Thursday, October 29, 2009

Up to speed...

So with our first post, we'd just like to catch everyone up on our preparations thus far. There will be about 12 or 13 of us going depending on if someone buys our last set of tickets (Amy English, you're on the clock). As far as in country transportation, we have rented a manual Econoline van that fits 14. Given that only Cammy and Wes drive stick, Cammy will be tutoring Colin and I in the art of the stick shift as both of our fathers failed in teaching us the basics of manhood. As far as lodging, we've secured a house out in Kempton Park. Kempton is about 22 miles outside of Johannesburg. We decided to set up shop as close to Johannesburg as most of the stadiums are located around the greater Johannesburg area. We don't know where the USA will be playing until the draw on December 4th. The next most important task will be proper attire when we go over there. This is where I have succeeded and Colin has failed. I've joined the American Outlaws supporters group and with my $15 membership I've also secured my Outlaws t-shirt and bandana. The next step will be for both of us to pick out player jerseys once the new jerseys come out. I'm thinking either Altidore or Feilhaber. Any suggestions or lines of reasoning as to who I should choose would be appreciated.

Now that we've set the basic foundation as to what we've done already, we will be updating you on any other plans we make and our thoughts and insights into the team.

Have a good one.

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  1. I am not sure who I would buy. I bought Dempsey in 2006 and he happened to be one of our few goal scorers (oops USA).

    I am a big fan of Bradley, but hes not exactly fan shop material. Jozy is definitely a possibility, you just dont want to be the guy that bought the Eddie Johnson jersey in 2006.

    And we'll see how Chuck D (Charlie Davies) progresses. Maybe itll be him for the sentimentality.

    - Colin